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Care and Feeding of Your Growler

When you buy a growler, it’s yours to keep. Bring it back for refills as often as you like!

To ensure an optimal beer experience, 

we won’t fill a dirty growler— nor can we clean it for you.

So, here are some simple steps:

Drink it fresh! Store it cold.

We recommend no more than a week from fill to pour. Keep it cold in your fridge until you’re ready to enjoy it.

Once it’s open, drink it all.

Growlers lose carbonation as oxygen replaces the beer in the growler after it’s opened. An opened growler of beer will go flat in a matter of hours, even when kept closed and cold!

All done? Rinse it out!

When you’re finished, rinse it immediately with hot water, then let it air dry (upside down if possible) with the flip-top open.

If you forget to rinse it, or don’t have a chance, clean it as soon as possible with warm water and a drop of dish soap, rinsing it several times.