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Clover Release - 15 May, 2019


On Weds., 15 May, we will release, at long last, the new batch of Clover—an exceptional and special offering, one quite close to my heart.

When I began working here—which seems like both forever and a day ago—I had a constant companion in the old office: a seemingly simple, completely composed cat named Clover. She was independent, playful, occasionally subdued and reflective. Clover was our compatriot, our guardian of grain, our huntress and our muse. We did not own Clover; she graced our presence, and we were glad for it.

In her honor, we mindfully blended our favorite barrels of Ann and Art, each of which had been aged for 24 months—guided by her lingering spirit towards a beer of elegance, grace and patience.

As our Clover often would, this beer took its own path and its own time to become what it is now: an effervescent, refined reflection of both our melancholy for her departure but, most importantly, our joy in traveling with her for a while.

We will have a tent set up outside the bottle shop to provide as much comfort as possible for those of you joining us in the event of inclement spring weather. However, it is the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont: watch the weather and plan accordingly!

Please visit our bottle release page,, for bottle limits and pricing information. Credit card and matching ID required for this bottle. Please note: to accommodate as many people as is fairly possible, this bottle is limited to 1 bottle per person for the duration of the release—not per person per day.

Check our website for release details.

Cheers! Bob

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