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Retail Update for April 20, 2018

As anticipated, onsite bottles of Ann are too close to selling out for us to be able to ensure its availability throughout the day for tomorrow's patrons. As a result, the few remaining bottles will be reserved for vintage presentation so that future visitors may enjoy them onsite from time to time. Thank you to everyone who's visited us so far this week; we're grateful for the wonderful response so far! To be clear, Ann will not be available the remainder of this week.

Fear not, the onsite cooler will be well stocked with various and sundry vintage treats the remainder of the week!



Retail Update for April 19, 2018


Thank you to everyone who came out today. What an memorable turnout, and we're grateful for everyone's patience.

Because of the number of guests, we expect that Ann will only last through the day tomorrow. With such a small number of bottles produced, and a wonderfully enthusiastic crowd today, we knew that it wouldn't be available for long, even offering it for onsite only. Thank you for your understanding.

Also, in an effort to ensure that Flora Cherry Raspberry Northern Kiwifruit lasts throughout the week, we will reduce the limit from 4 bottles per person to 3 bottles per person.

Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you!





Special Onsite Release for Weds., April 18: Ann 

Hello Everyone,

With much anticipation, Spring's gift of daylight has been delivered, and in Greensboro we hope that snowbanks will soon give way to timely apple blossoms and a healthy population of nomadic pollinators. In honor of our favorite pollinators, the bees, we offer to you what has become our most elusive beer: Ann. This particular release began its life nearly 5 years ago, in August of 2013, as a brew day and primary fermentation of our honey "Saison," Anna. After being placed in wine barrels, the evolution of Anna into Ann is an indeterminate and metamorphic occurrence.

Only a single digit percentage of all wine barrel-aged Anna becomes what is unmistakably identifiable as Ann—the remainder is often blended into Civil Disobedience. The beer, the barrel, and some yet unknown, unquantifiable condition seems to dictate its path and appearance. It is identified and selected only through the emotional response that it induces during barrel tasting.

This particular beer began its bottle conditioning on March 18, 2015. This will only be offered for onsite consumption. Due to the very small volume, merely a single barrel, we chose 375ml bottles for this release in order to further spread its availability. We cannot say how many days these bottles will be available, as it is difficult to predict retail traffic and interest.

Because of this, we kindly encourage you to share this beer with your friends and to be mindful of how special an occurrence it is.

Thank You,



Releases for April 18, 2018!

Hi all!

This coming Wednesday, April 18, we will release a brand new variant of Flora with cherries, raspberries and northern kiwi!

Flora is the wine barrel-aged version of Florence (1915-1967), our grandfather's sister as well as the name of our Farmstead® wheat ale. We selected several barrels of Flora and aged it on hand-picked, Vermont-grown Montmorency cherries, raspberries, and northern kiwi.

Its bright, fruit-forward aromatics marry with Flora's singular elegance to epitomize the elements from which it was shaped and its deep ties to the local area.

Please visit for bottle limits and pricing (credit card and matching ID required for this bottle). Also, please visit for an update to our bottle release policy.

We'll also have fresh cans of both Dharma Bum and Society & Solitude #9! Check the site for limits, details and pricing.



Bottle Release for April 11, 2018

A little something to look forward to this coming week...

Birth of Tragedy!

This imperial and barrel-aged version of Twilight of the Idols, our annual winter porter, is a special beer around these parts and truly reflects the vision for our bourbon barrel-aging program.

For this 2018 release, we brewed a stronger, richer version of the base beer and aged it for more than 2 years in bourbon barrels from our favorite distilleries. We also added organic cacao nibs, organic cinnamon, Vermont honey, and coffee roasted by our friends in Copenhagen.

Please visit for bottle limits and pricing (credit card and matching ID required for this bottle).

We'll also have fresh cans of Society & Solitude #7, our imperial India pale ale with Simcoe and Amarillo! Check the site for limits and pricing.


New Cans for April 4, 2018

On Weds., April 4, we'll stock up our coolers with fresh cans! A brand new run of Mosaic Single Hop IPA and the debut of Society & Solitude #3 in cans, our imperial IPA with Simcoe and Columbus hops.

We also have some cans of Society & Solitude #2 still available!

Plus, we still have Biere de Norma and E. available the bottle shop, along with so much more!

Check out our retail page for for limits and pricing.

Have a great weekend!



On this Day, 8 Years Ago Today

Eight years ago today...

On a muddy, chilly Vermont spring day much like today, Shaun brewed the first batch of what would become Edward, with the help of his brother Darren and his old friend Ben. From that humble garage—shoveling grain, pouring growlers, everything—to where we are today, it's been an exceptional journey, buoyed by the hard work, dedication and guiding principles that began with Hill Farmstead Brewery Batch 1: Edward.

As we raise a pint in honor of Edward, to that first brew day, and to Shaun's unwavering commitment to this land and vision, we thank you all for the overwhelming support these last eight years and look forward to many more years!




Bottle Release for March 28, 2018

Friday, March 30, will mark the 8th anniversary of our first brew day here at Hill Farmstead. On that day in 2010, Shaun brewed the first batch of a pale ale that would become Edward. Over the last 8 years, Edward has been the cornerstone for all we've built here in Greensboro Bend—a place we lovingly refer to as The Middle of Everything. Eight years on, and a lot has changed, but Edward remains—it abides, if you will.

To celebrate the occasion—as well as the (eventual) coming of spring—we will release E., a tangible connection between that first brewday and so many other of our pursuits here on Hill Road.

In Shaun's words: E. is for Edward (1917-2002), my grandfather, as well as the name of the first beer that I brewed in my brewery on March 30, 2010. E. is for Easter; brewing in Denmark revealed a European tradition of crafting Easter (Påske) beer. Finally, E is for entelechy, the continued actualization of our potential through spirited effort and vision.

Thus, in honor of E., to the past and future emprises here on Hill Road, we offer this special beer: Edward fermented with our Farmstead® yeast, aged in oak barrels, dry-hopped with Galaxy hops and bottle conditioned.

Please visit our bottle release page,, Sunday afternoon, March 25, for bottle limits and pricing information (credit card and matching ID required for this bottle).

We will also release brand new cans of Society & Solitude #2, our Imperial Black IPA—'s highest rated Black IPA the last five years running!