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Singular, unique projects to express our creativity, our art and boundless joy for the brewing arts.


Biere de Mars

An amber Farmstead® ale brewed in celebration of spring!



Clover (2005-2014) was a grey cat. Simple. Yet, a few moments with her quickly revealed an independent, playful, occasionally subdued and reflective personality, one that held sway where she might roam.  Clover was our compatriot, our guardian of grain, our huntress and our muse.  We did not own Clover; she graced our presence.

In her honor, we mindfully blended barrels of Ann, Art, and Flora that had been aged for 12 to 22 months—guided by her lingering spirit towards a beer of elegance, grace and patience.  As often as our Clover would, this beer took its own path and its own time to become what it is now; an effervescent, refined reflection of both our melancholy for her departure but, most importantly, our joy in traveling with her for a while. 375ml



Crafted with American and European malts, American and New Zealand hops and conditioned with our resident microflora in barrels that once held Mimosa. 7.4% abv. Zero ICUs.



Mimosa began as an idea: a beer inspired by our obsession with citrus. We built a recipe comprised of our favorite ingredients: Local organic raw wheat, Citra and Galaxy hops, Brettanomyces, and a healthy addition of fresh citrus zest. Mimosa was conditioned for 8 months in wine barrels with our resident microflora. 19º Plato 500 icus 10% abv


Three Magic Letters

Our newest American IPA, brewed with Simcoe, Nelson and Riwaka. 6% abv